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Social Media Centre

Social Media Centre

Welcome to the Digital Personnel Social Media Centre! This is where you will find out about all our activities across principle social media sites. This is an evolving part of our site so be sure to keep visiting as we add more social media presences.

Since Digital Personnel’s inception back in 2008, the development of an effective Social Media strategy has always been a primary objective of the business. It is essential that a company specialising in Digital Media recruitment can engage freely and effectively with the talent base and spread the reach for potential candidates across the UK, through Europe and ultimately on a worldwide scale.

Recruitment these days requires more than just a “telesales” operation and a reliance on recruiters working long hours, trawling outdated databases. It is imperative, particularly within the digital media world, that an effective online strategy is in place to create engagement with candidates at all experience levels across the Digital space. Digital Personnel’s commitment to Social Media enables the business to not only identify appropriate candidates for our clients, but also proves to us that our candidates are communicating with the greater online community and therefore demonstrating a very real passion for the industry.

Everyone connected with Digital Personnel is encouraged to contribute to and lead discussion across Social Media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this activity you will find Digital Personnel consultants adding their views to our company blog, online forums and other online interactive platforms. This approach and commitment to the online arena enables every member of the Digital Personnel team to learn and develop their understanding of this innovative, evolving and exciting market.

Enjoy reading about our activities across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter via the appropriate links and please do join our groups, like our pages and follow us! You can also sign up to our RSS feed and read about all the new digital innovations that excite us via our blog.

We hope to be conversing with you soon!